The Wudang Three-Harmony Set

The Three-Harmony Set, performed by Grandmaster Wong

The Wudang Three-Harmony Set was inspired by and followed the structure of the Sun Style Taijiquan set. However, the Sun Style Taijiquan set was modified to bring out the combat application of this Wudang Three-Harmony Set, which Grandmaster Wong believed was hidden in the open. Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, rightly or wrongly, have been called the internal arts of Wudang Kungfu.

The pattern, "Open and Close", which is frequent in the Sun Style Taijiquan set, has been modified to include the essence of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. "Open and Close", which develops internal force in Sun Style Taijiquan, is not as necessary in our school because Shaolin Wahnam practitioners already have chi flow and know how to develop internal force from their kungfu sets.

Open and Close

Lazy to Roll up Sleeves

The Wudang Three-Harmony Set consists of the essence of Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. Basically, the essence of Taijiquan is waist rotation which minimizes opponents' force, that of Baguazhang is agility which enables exponents to get to their opponents' back, and that of Xingyiquan is directness, striking opponents as soon as their opponents make a move!

Picture Series of the Wudang Three-Harmony Set

Sequence 1

1. Lifting Water

3. Single Whip

5. Open and Close

7. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

9. Cloud Dragon Returns Head

2. Lift Hand

4. Lazy to Roll up Sleeves

6. Lift Hand

8. Like Sealed Like Closed

10. Single Whip

Sequence 2

11. Stop Rushing Horse

13. Repulse Monkey

15. Stop Rushing Horse

17. Needle at Sea Bottom

19. Cloud Dragon Returns Head

12. Single Whip

14. Lift Hand

16. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

18. Dodge Extend Arm

20. Single Whip

Sequence 3

21. Single Whip

23. High Patting Horse

25. Left Thrust Kick

27. Plant Fist

29. Press Palm

22. Cloud Hands

24. Right Thrust Kick

26. Turn Round Thrust Kick

28. Double Kicks

30. Punch Below Sleeves

Sequence 4

31. Like Sealed Like Close

33. Cannon Punch (Left Fist)

35. Wild Horse Separates Mane

32. Cannon Punch (Right Fist)

34. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

36. Lazy to Roll up Sleeves

Sequence 5

37. Needle at Sea Bottom

39. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

41. Dodge Extend Arm

43. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

38. Dodge Extend Arm

40. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

42. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

44. Lazy to Roll up Sleeves

Sequence 6

45. Diagonal Strike

47. Low Stance

49. Repulse Monkey

46. Spiral Fist

48. Golden Cockerel Stands Alone

50. Lift Hand

Sequence 7

51. White Crane Flaps Wings

53. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

55. Dodge Extend Arm

57. Single Whip

59. High Patting Horse

52. Single Whip

54. Needle at Sea Bottom

56. Lazy to Roll up Sleeves

58. Cloud Hands

60. Cross-Hand Sweep Lotus

Sequence 8

61. Lazy to Roll up Sleeves

63. Low Stance

65. Turn Round Sway Lotus

67. Double Punch

69. Father and Son

71. Lazy to Roll up Sleeves

62. Single Whip

64. Ride Tiger

66. Shoot Tiger

68. Seven Stars

70. Cloud Hands

72. Single Whip