What do Others Say?

Tenor, composer, web developer, business owner
National-level swimmer & athlete, entrepreneur & sustainability expert 

Therapist, business owner, professional musician & teacher

TEDx leader, founder of two NPOs, board director of numerous global corporations, designer, social entrepreneur

First adjudicator for Irish Dance in Mexico, business owner, dance head instructor

Visual artist, grandmother, former international wushu champion

Transcriber, food connoisseur, home maker

Meet Pierre Toth

- poet, copy-editor, writer, teacher:

"Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is the most generous master of any martial art with whom I've had the privilege to study. He openly shares profound secrets from the moment he begins to teach, and the Shaolin Arts, as he teaches them, are life-changing. Grandmaster Wong has taught me that Chinese Kung Fu can be practised as a highly effective combat art. More importantly, he has taught me how to finish a fight before it even begins. Most importantly, the Shaolin Arts have enabled me to overcome a debilitating physical injury, to maintain a youthful aspect well below my actual years, and to let go and push aside those attachments which stand in the way of my freedom and happiness. I simply cannot thank Grandmaster Wong enough."

Pierre Toth - happy practitioner